Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meet the Crew: Steve

1. Introduce yourself! Who are you?  


Steve and Jason (Dani's boyfriend, another crew member, and team gear guru)


2. How did you get wrapped up in this RAAM adventure with Dani and Kacie?

What is this RAAM you speak of, and why do you keep sending me emails?

Well, RAAM is a 3000 mile...umm...never mind--just get on that plane in June, ok?

3. Which part of RAAM are you most looking forward to?

What is RAAM?

Oh boy.
You are not fooling us. We know you have crewed before.


4. Dani is a dog person, and Kacie is more of a lizard/snake/bird person. What kind of person are you?

Currently, a living person, but eventually that will change.

5. How are you going to make a unicorn appear in Kansas?

 What kind of perverted question is that?

6. What is your favorite kind of ice cream? (Kacie believes this tells you a lot about a person)

I only eat ice cream after exchanging gunfire.  Then, I eat whatever I want.

We hope that you will have no frozen treats on RAAM.

7. If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would you fill yours with?


8. What kind of music are you going to be putting on your RAAM playlist. Yes, you will be creating a RAAM playslist, might as well start thinking about it now.

The sound of silence.  Loud.  

9. Dani and Kacie are really counting on some glitter. At what point in the race do you think glitter will really come into play?

I have special poisonous purple ninja star glitter, too be used when people start complaining.

10.  If you were abducted and taken to outer space, which planet would they take you to? 

 I would politely decline to be abducted.  

11. If you could have any one super power (other than sprinkling awesomeness on people because you do that already) what would it be? 

I am already unkillable.  I need no other superpower.

12.What is the longest you have been without a shower? Without brushing your teeth? 

Twenty two plus days.  In Jordan.  In the summertime.  With no shade.  For real.  Also add no change of clothes, toilet paper, or shelter.

Oh wow--clearly this RAAM thing is going to be a breeze for you!

Thanks Steve! There is no doubt you will be a fantastic addition to our team! 

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