Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight! Moxie Cycling!

We are thrilled to be sponsored by Moxie Cycling for our Race Across America Team!

On Thursday 4/11/13 at 5pm Eastern, if you follow us on twitter @powerponytails and Moxie on twitter @MoxieCycling , you can watch and participate in our TwitterView!

Moxie was started by two women, Brooke and Deb, who are love to ride bikes, be stylish, and chase dreams! Sound familiar? That's exactly why we make a great team! We are proud to represent such strong women, and we want to take a minute to show you how amazing their products are!

Moxie Cycling makes women's jerseys that are flattering and fresh! We both LOVE the designs, and we feel really good in them! They are long enough to really give you coverage, which is often a problem in cycling jerseys!

We also love that even though it is not a traditional jersey, it still has great pockets in the back! When you ride as much as we do, you HAVE to be able to store your stuff!

Did we mention that there are purple jerseys!?!

And in Pink! Those are very important colors to this team!

We also love how the straps are cut! They are thick enough for good support, but thin enough to still be cute and stylish!

We have even found that the cut looks great in the gym! We do plenty of strength training to prepare for RAAM!

We have so much more we love about these products, and we can't wait to keep on sharing them with you!

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  1. They are super cute! :) Keep the pictures coming!