Friday, March 1, 2013

Moo Motion Promotion!

During the entire month of March, Melissa Moo, of Moo Motion Sports, is donation a portion of sales to Camp Twin Lakes AND Free Shipping to anyone who uses our code!

Here's how easy it is to give to Camp Twin Lakes, and to look AWESOME in your next tri!

  • Pick out a killer kit designed by a female triathlete (who got married at the finish line of an Ironman and who left finance to go to design school--awesome!)

  • When you check out, just use the code: CTL2013

  • Tell all of your friends who want to look fresh, feminine, and have a functional kit this tri season!

That's how easy it is to look good AND help out our team and Camp!

Here are a couple of quick pictures of Dani and Kacie riding in some Moo Motion gear!

Kacie in the long sleeved Stamina jersey before she went climbing in the Gaps!

Kacie in the Stamina and Dani in the Indie training in the morning at Energy Lab:

Awesome lines on these kits!

And Dani's Favorite (not really), standing climbs!

So, give yourself a beautiful and functional new tri kit, support our team efforts in RAAM, and help send kids in need to camp! You can't loose here!

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  1. You look fantastic in those colors Kacie! :) Cute stuff!